100% pass rate of honey sampling by Weifang Food and Drug Administration

China Quality News Network News On September 19, the official website of Weifang Food and Drug Administration announced the results of the third batch of municipal-level food safety supervision and sampling inspections in the production process in 2018. Among them, according to the "Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" and its implementation regulations, in August 2018, the bureau organized a municipal-level supervision and sampling inspection of honey. A total of 9 batches were sampled, and no unqualified samples were detected. The pass rate is 100%.

The sampling items include fructose and glucose, sucrose, lead (calculated as Pb), chloramphenicol, amphetamine, flumethrin, sorbic acid and its potassium Salt (calculated as sorbic acid), sodium saccharin, mold count, osmophilic yeast count totaled 10 indicators.